About Us

Who We Are

Global Food World is a new innovative facilitator in fine foods currently operating in 12 national markets. By the end of 2019 GFW will have set up services in more than 20 markets. Our international team combines expertise in all fields of food supply operation, such as retail, marketing, food and information technology, etc., creating new concepts and business models for our clients.

With the expertise of Axis Blueschild

Global Food World is an affiliated company of the multinational business group Axis Blueschild, a leading international export consultancy. The business concept of Global Food World is a result of having identified real life business problems and barriers of small food & beverages producers in developing their exports. Axis Blueschild has been operating for ten years in international business development utilizing experienced local specialists.

Filling a gap in the market

In most markets, small food and beverages producers offer a wide range of innovative or traditional products of high quality, which consumers have proven to be enthusiastic about. However, due to their limited know-how and a pressing lack of resources, it is almost impossible for them to promote and distribute their products in markets abroad.

Responding to new consumer trends

From a buyers’ point of view, it has long been recorded that product pricing has arisen as the key factor in the food and beverages business. Nowadays, consumers are seeking high quality traditional products made with healthy, natural ingredients and all of the above in affordable prices.

B2B buyers, on the other hand, are scrambling to meet these new market demands with suitable products, yet lack the time and means to properly source them around the world. Moreover, they are presented with the Herculean task of dealing on a daily basis with a vast number of individual small producers, making logistics and management just too complex.

Connecting the dots

Global Food World, having analyzed new opportunities arising in this sector provides fine food producers, buyers and consumers with new business models; Our goal is for every consumer around the globe to enjoy fine food products every day.